James Sang Lee

Special Guest


Fight Choreography, Firearms, and Films

Meet 4x ISKA World Champion James Sang Lee!

In addition to appearing in 7 ISKA World Championship finals and winning 4 Self Defense Titles in a row on ESPN, James Sang Lee is best known for martial arts action. James Sang Lee’s film credits include Lethal Weapon 4, Marvel’s Blade, and the Lionsgate action thriller, Plane, starring Gerard Butler. Lee plays the Green Beret Sniper “Willis,” shooting the iconic Barrett 50 cal BMG! 

Currently, Lee is hosting and developing online instructional training, “Fight Choreography, Firearms, and Films,” with the Cannon Entertainment Group for those interested in being in action films and creating action design. Check out www.JamesSangLee.com and James’s IMDb Movie Profile. 


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